Who is the best when traveling outside the EU


I’m torn between which bank to choose when I go to America next week. I have accounts with the usual - Revoult, Monzo etc! I keep on hearing that revoult offers better fees than Monzo. Is this true? I would love some advice please …


Hey @AislingB my Revolut bubble of ‘the all great and mighty challenger bank’ got popped pretty quickly when I tried and failed multiple times to withdraw in Bali. (And customer service did little to help) - back on the Monzo bandwagon having had excellent customer service and no issues to date!

As far as I’m aware - fees are the same for both. #MonzoForTheWin


Oooo also, if you’re wanting the security of a credit card, I can’t recommend Halifax Clarity enough - no fees! (Providing you pay back on time). It’s brilliant!


Hey @Lily this is very interesting! I’m going to test this when I’m away too - I’ll let you know how I get on and if I have any of the same issues.

Yeay Monzo!! I use it religiously, when I’m away, and it always works!

Oh wow! I’ll check this out. Very handy to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh yes! one more question @Lily (the last I promise) - are you using your Curve card at all?


I’ve been stung by Monzo’s 3% charge on cash withdrawals made from international ATMs! :honeybee: You only get £200 free withdrawls every 30 days.

I know that Starling is doesn’t incur a charge at all, might have to switch!:thinking:


I quite like the travel insurance feature / pop-up that comes up on the Revolut app automatically when you’re abroad. It uses geolocation technology so you only get charged for the days that you are actually abroad. It’s really handy!


Hey @MeganG! Ah yes, I forgot about this. Thanks for reminding me. Although Starling doesn’t appear as disruptive as Monzo and Revoult, it’s quickly becoming the bank of choice for a lot of people. Even Martin Lewis agrees.


Starling is less about appealing to Millennials (not that this a bad thing), and more about providing a solid service that appeals to a wide audience. I’ve seen Anne Boden, Starling CEO, speak on a number of occasions and her knowledge and understanding of the industry is amazing. I would recommend going to see her speak if you get the chance. :sunglasses:


Yeh, also forgot about the Monzo withdrawal fees! Definitely a winner for Starling on that basis - still don’t know why I don’t use them as regularly. My gut still prefers them as a brand, but the luminescent pink card seems to always pull through.

Not used Curve since being abroad - think mostly because phone internet is super sketchy, so can’t be reliant on changing cards as and when I need! Perhaps something for Curve to think about…(a backup card option for when you’re abroad that you can access without signal?)


I know what you mean… The power of a brand! I guess as many of my friends use Monzo, it’s encouraged me to use them more on a day to day basis. However for travel I’m Revolut 100%.


Trying out Transferwise Borderless Account over the next couple of days - seeing if the fluorescent green card can win me over!


Oh yes!! How did I forget about transferwise… Let us know how you get on @Lily !

Maybe you should start a blog about your experience :bulb:


Transferwise is the best if you are earning whilst travelling. You can get paid euros, pounds, Australian dollars and American dollars without a fee.


Hey @Lily any updates on this? Which one has worked out best for you? Very interested to know if your experience with providers was different depending on the country? :grin:


Starling is coming out top on moneysavingexpert.

I’ll definitely give it a go when I next go away! … Also, have you seen their new portrait cards? :heart_eyes:


Hey @AislingB - total clear winner for me was Monzo! Why? Cause I had zero problems the whole time. Unlike:

Starling - I could only seem to top up the card with a max of £50 a day?

TransferWise - I think would be great if I was getting different currencies paid in, but not really any benefit otherwise

Curve - I had ‘the fear’ of carrying just one card when abroad so this didn’t get much use.

Revolut - I lost faith pretty early on thanks to it not letting me withdraw in Bali so it didn’t get the call up elsewhere.

Halifax Clarity - an absolute must if you’re wanting the security of a credit card abroad without the dreaded fees!

Arrived safely in Sydney and been scouting out some of the players here… Xinja (make a pretty big claim to be the cousin of Monzo in the Fintech space) seem to be the first movers on the banking side!


This is great info… love it! So Monzo is the clear-cut winner, I’d have to agree with that myself. However, Starlings 0% atm transaction fee is a game changer in cash only countries, such as Italy and Holland.

Really interested to read more about Xinja. Keep us posted on how you fair with them. No doubt you’ve signed up already!!