Who has cryptocurrency?


Do you have CryptoCurrency? Or is it a world that you just haven’t got involved in? (yet?)
If so, which CryptoCurrency? Where did you buy/trade? What sort of wallet do you use? Why did you choose to buy that specific currency? Did a friend give you a tip? Where did you hear about it? Do you have active or passive funds?
How’s it going?! How has the journey been so far? What are your predictions for the near / distant future? Any amazing stories (Good or bad!)


:raising_hand_man: I do. Only a tiny amount, mostly collected from earn.com but enough to make keeping an eye on what’s going on in with cryptocurrencies & blockchain interesting. It’s been fun trying to sell before the dip too :wink:


Earn is a good idea. Thanks for sharing Alex, I may well check that out


Personally, I have stayed clear of the sector Maike. Mainly due to the volatility of it all and the fact that I imagine I would be checking the price of anything pretty regularly. I reckon I have enough going on :man_juggling:


Always an interesting topic!

I had decent exposure to the main cap coins around 6 years ago, it was a very exciting time before it exploded into such a noisy space. Regretfully I sold far too early so missed the big pay-off. I bought a chunk of BTC in person at a Costa in Westfield which felt like a very unusual thing to be doing but it paid off. I sold via various exchanges and used localcoins.com for most of it.

I heard about it from a friend who has an eye for picking up trends super early, he was somebody that I trusted which inspired me to get more involved. Over the last few years I’ve not been active aside from a couple of small punts that I am prepared to hold and/or lose.

It feels to me as though there are high levels of fatigue in the market now with a great deal of noise and misinformation, we’re into the next wave in the cycle for sure…I wouldn’t give advice other that to say this should be considered a highly risky asset class for now. This of course will change as the industry matures.


I’ve invested in cryptos via Coinabase. It’s a very simple to buy, sell and track prices will all sorts of alerts you can set up. Most valuable features are setting alerts when the price drops below or rises above a certain amount. Means you don’t have to be checking the price everyday or every hour! They do charge high commission however i don’t think consumers have been too concerned with this due to the high returns people were making during the boom in Dec/Jan.

I’m still holding some cryptos, however I would only suggest investing in this asset class what you are willing to lose. My portfolio has halved in value since Jan.


I don’t have any but if I had, would definitively be Dogecoin!


I’ve dabbled in a bit of crypto, and was in fact gifted some bitcoin, only to totally miss selling out before it slumped to rock bottom… (Crypto amateur clearly shining through).

Holding minimal amounts of Iota, Ethereum & Bitcoin (the latter two both done through Coinbase). Think I actually first heard about it all through articles cropping up all over the shop, and then had a friend working in a blockchain focussed company so got spammed a bit more with the hype.

"How’s it going?!"

Ask me again in a years time when hopefully I’ll have got over the fact I didn’t get out last September…


This is an interesting angle… Have a click through on this site and you will get a feel for some of the things people need to be cautious about in the ICO sector…



Nope! Didn’t bother and glad I didn’t. :yum: Will be cool to see what happens in the near future though!


I have some Ethereum. Load of rubbish if you ask me.


What a surprise! :crazy_face: