What do you want Pia to do?


So a bit of a general request but what are some of the features and functions that you want from Pia? Anything from features that will make it easier for you to invest, through to killer content that you want our editorial team to create… You name it and we will look in to the art of the possible… :nerd_face:


Hi, I think that PIA should make the connection between the top experts in the investment / wealth management industry and your partners offering. There is infinite free and quality content on the internet, whether text or video, from fantastic researchers, economists, hedge fund managers… There will always be bears and bulls, winners and losers, but it doesn’t matter much to PIA. You “just” have to make the best content available and guide potential investors to the corresponding products. Example, a video of Peter Schiff making the case for gold should lead to gold traders. A video of Kyle Bass making the case for a strong recovery of Greek economy should lead to funds making the same bets… There is a ton to learn from those guys, especially contrarians. They may be wrong or their timing may be wrong, but your visitors should be exposed to the complete breadth of investment thesis and decide on their own, at their own risk. Regards, Hervé


Thank you @hervelequer, a very astute set of comments and totally aligned to our approach to content :raised_hands:


Not sure that I managed to properly convey my point or that my examples were the best but thanks. Let me double down, juat in case. :slight_smile: When it comes to investment cases, I think it is important to give access to a wide variety of opinions, not only the same consensual recommendations you can find in mainstream media that will just tell you which direction the wind is already blowing. I mean, who needs to hear that one should buy stocks or real estate 10 years through a bull market. Your audience should be a bit “titillated” with unorthodox / original thinking from time to time. Pia should not only educate and compare but also raise awareness and share the views of those who challenge consensus. No risk for you, your neutrality is preserved but your audience is more engaged and you can highlight products in a dynamic fashion, with regards to market trends / news. I mean, this could be a video interview, a FT news article, a blog post… Anything as long as it is well done, informative and relatable to your partners offering. It is also important that you are able to provide a selection of products that are in line with the personal aspirations or convictions of many investors. Like, I believe that IA or autonomous car or elderly care will explode in the coming years… or I only want to invest in sustainable development or renewable energy or ethical business… How do I make this bet? What are the investment products available? PIA should answer all those questions… Regards, Hervé


As an example of the type of content that you could share / co-produce…

Maybe a bit too technical but the tone is right, not boring, dynamic, informative, not one sided with arguments for bears and bulls…