Using the Curve 'one card to rule them all' card for 2 weeks


Hi all,

In an attempt to declutter, streamline and otherwise move towards the hallowed tech nirvana of having my whole life able to fold up and fit inside an (ultra) slim back pack I was excited about signing up for a Curve card.

The card is billed by Curve as:

“The only card you need to carry. Curve simplifies your financial life by connecting your accounts to one smart card and one even smarter app.”

Having used Curve for a couple of weeks with the half dozen cards I use most often I can say upfront that I’m sold. The cards come in 2 flavours, a free version and a black which costs £50 and offer the bearer more rewards and perks.

The app interface is clean and intuitive, breaking down my spends into categories. It doesn’t give me as much graphical insight into my spending behaviours as some of the mobile-only bank apps I’ve used but it’s good at a basic level.

Switching between cards is done in a snap and a wide array of bank cards can be added, the process of adding is quick and the validation happens an almost eerily quick speed.

By far the best function for me which I am still trying to get my head around is the time machine function that lets you change which card you used for up to 14 days after the purchase. The best bit about this is something that exposes the geek in me…they use a flux capacitor icon when using this feature!

A thinner wallet, the ability to get more organised retrospectively, a building rewards programme and a nod to Back to the Future. I would struggle not to recommend the Curve card. Bravo!

Lex to the Future


Mine is on the way and I am super excited to try it out! :nerd_face:


I’m totally onboard the Curve hype too! One thing that they should consider is opting for a backup card, had a couple of incidents where my Monzo card has been declined, and would’ve been easier if on the second attempt it switched to my ‘backup’ rather than having to go back into the app to switch cards - just a thought!

Also need to sort their Amex integration :raised_hands:t3:


Good shout on the Amex integration, whilst on the wish list would love to be able to add in existing rewards cards a la Stocard and others.


I love the idea of Curve, but have a genuine issue with the purchases not being directly from the original card and so are not covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. That’s the ONLY reason I use credit cards (well, that and cashback!) and if they could sort out that wrinkle I would be all over Curve.


Yep, that is definitely a drawback. I feel they are building up such good critical mass now that some of these features and wrinkles will be ironed out soon :crossed_fingers: