Time for a REAL 'challenger' comparison?


So, I’m over here hoarding a card from every challenger bank/finance disruptor in the industry (seriously… no exaggeration here, I’ve jumped on the digital bank bandwagon and need someone to nudge me off)! The crazy thing is, these cards are arriving in their ever so ‘niche’ packaging through my letter box, I’m activating them, playing around on the app, checking out the website and putting them back in my ‘challenger bank card’ pile - without even giving them a chance to show me what they can really do.

Why? Because after spending 20 mins sussing out what I’m really being offered, it seems exactly the same as the card that arrived in the post last week. I’ve spent a decent chunk of time looking for a proper in-depth comparison of these industry disruptors - only to find long, ‘waffley’ articles that seem to confirm what I already thought. Yet, I’m convinced that their must be key differentiators that I’m missing. The closest thing I’m getting to what I want to see is what Moneysupermarket posted a couple of days ago (note: when they say Revoult they mean Revolut - Grammar Police over here :exploding_head:), but in my mind it’s missing some key players, Transferwise, Loot, Monese, Tandem, Tide, N26 - someone needs to create a simple comparison table to breakdown this confusion in an industry setting out to ‘make things easier’ - oh the irony… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi @Layla, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Personally, I believe the differentiation points have to be around the service the customer gets both in terms of product and actual service (online / phone).

Whoever can deliver that total package will surely end up winning out.

This will certainly be an area that over time we would like to cover with Pia to help people navigate all of their options.