The role of personal values in investing


Hi there. In France, 2 prominent crowdsourcing platforms, Wiseed and Lendosphere, recently announced a partnership to crowdsource renewable energy projects, essentially small to medium independent windfarms. Both were already proposing investment opportunities in this area but they basically decided to join forces instead of competing for the same pool of investors and projects. 2 take aways for me with regards to Pia:

  1. this kind of news, related to the developement of your partners offering, should be a regular feature / section of a future news letter. With a large portfolio of partners, you will always be able to share such news on at least a bi-weekly basis. This type of content would be 100 % relevant for both your partners and the Pia Community.
  2. I believe there should be a distinct channel on investments driven by personal values and interests, as opposed to criteria like risk appetite, investment horizon, expected return… Although still marginal, I think it is important to give Pia users the possibility to discover “really” alternative projects. I am thinking funding of fair trade / bio producers and retailers, sustainable development projects (e.g. agro-forestery), societal transformation (e.g. micro loans), renewable energy (wind farms), fine wines, forest or vineyards shares… This could be partly fed by equity crowdfunding projects or corporate bonds channels as well by dedicated specialised partners. It would be really really nice and I bet that, it could actually be one of your most visited segment.
    Who is with me? :slight_smile:
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Hi Herve, great to hear from you again :slight_smile:

I’m sure this is just the beginning of these alternative finance platforms coming together to form partnerships, I’m sure with the abundance of platforms out there that they won’t all survive without this collaboration!

  1. There will definitely be updates on this sort of news on the community forum, and I’m sure will be considered as a feature for a future newsletter.

  2. I think the key thing to remember with Pia, is that we are really focussed on making investing far less daunting than it currently is. We hope that through our engaging content this will be achieved, but this will also need to be reflected in the investment opportunities we offer to our users. Whilst fine wines, and these ‘really alternative projects’ are undeniably exciting opportunities, they may appear complex for a first time investor. Whilst we will continue to offer alternative investments, there’s no guarantee of a ‘dedicated specialised partners’ channel… (however, never say never)!


It’s probably also worth noting, that perhaps a more suitable opportunity for a first time investor looking to head to the ‘investing in personal values’ route, could be a robo-advisor offering a Stocks & Shares ISA investing in socially responsible companies? This is already an option from Wealthsimple - and I’m sure others in the industry will follow suit.


Thanks for the reply.
I think that the WealthSimple example is great in the sense that it kind of proves my point. Meaning that you could already, with your current partners list, propose a certain number of opportunities to potential investors interested to invest money in causes that they believe in. Just by tagging those opportunities appropriately, across all investment channels.
I kind of disagree though on the fact that the “not purely financial investments” are necessarily daunting for first time investors. I would actually argue the opposite based on my personal experience. The more tangible, the easier to understand in my view.


We will certainly tag platforms that offer those types of opportunities and similarly provide content about those types of investments. However, the hard reality is the vast majority of people don’t have the money to put towards passion investments. We need to help people to invest for their futures and that is the important mission of our business.