Starling to raise £80 million 🤗


Seriously exciting news for Starling Bank!! Cannot wait to see how everything goes for them. Do you think they’re going to raise over the £80 million? @Layla I feel like this is something of interest to you?


It’s interesting that since setting out to raise £40m last year they’ve actually not announced the progress of that round - I can only assume it’s going well as they set to push for more. The stories around their RBS Innovation Fund seem a little ‘inflated’ - how someone can be so sure that they’re up there to win the £120m pot, when they’re up against some pretty stiff incumbent opposition I’m not entirely sure? :thinking:

On the other hand - if they win, and get this round closed off, we’re looking at £200m for Starling to play with come the end of the year, perhaps they’re setting themselves up to give Revolut a run for their money overseas! Tbh… with the right funding behind them, I’d back them! Time will tell…


Yes, super exciting news for Starling! Very happy for them and will be a really interesting 12 months as the continue to grow out their fantastic product set