Small suggestion


Hi, I noticed that you leave the forum when clicking on a link. Would be much better to simply open a new tab in the browser. Or is it just me?


Hi @hervelequer

Great suggestion, let me look in to it now




Hey Herve! I’ve just spoken to the software company that we use, who have said that this is a feature they’re currently working on. In the meantime, Ctrl+click should work!


Hey @hervelequer I’ve managed to found a little workaround solution, if you go to your own user settings and click on interface there is an option to click ‘open all external links in new tab’ - works a treat :raised_hands:


Thanks Lily, in that case the team may want to make it the default setting for all users.


I’ve just heard back from the software company - This setting will be applied to all new users who will subscribe to the site from now on!

Users already registered, like you, can enable this function directly from their user profile: image


Cool, probably my most constructive feedback to date then. :yum:


Your feedback is always constructive Herve! Keep it coming :raised_hands:


Another thing… I am mainly checking the forum on my phone and for some reasons, the “likes” and “link” icons only show up one second before they vanish. No such problem on PC.


@hervelequer Let me look into this for you. It’s not happening to me at the moment, but will check on a few other devices too.