Project Imagine - just another challenger bank?


Noticed these guys are prepping for launch, can’t help but feel like we’re being bombarded with these challenger banks, but too little info on the differentials.

However, these guys are promising:
‘an everyday account with 3.14% returns and rewards for good financial behaviour.’

Far more than the current players in the field that seem more focused on customer service than balance sheet innovation. Are we looking at a game changer?


Hi @Lily

Thanks for flagging these guys up. I actually met with a couple of their team at MoneyConf in Dublin. Sounds like a very interesting proposition and hope to explore it further with their team




They’re relatively late to the game so they’ve got a lot of work on their hands to catch up. That interest rate is going to get people’s attention of course (just like Atom’s) so it’ll be interesting to see how they build out the wealth management angle, to differentiate themselves from the other challengers.