Pia at MoneyConf 2018! Come say hi πŸ‘‹


The Pia team will be at MoneyConf in Dublin on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th June.

We will be pitching in the Financial Inclusion category of PITCH on the afternoon of Tuesday 10th on the Central Stage.

On the Wednesday we will be at Stand Alpha 134 sporting some new merch, come say hello and chat about plans to help make investing simpler or join us for a beer on Tuesday night :beers: :raised_hands:


Pia stash looking great guys! How can we vote for you in the PITCH competition @James @maike? :1st_place_medal:


Thanks @Lily! @AislingB, is it an audience vote at MoneyConf?


I will check and revert back @Lily & @James


Cool hoodies! :sunglasses::cool:


Thanks @AislingB - you’re a star :star:️


Pia has been mentioned as one the most innovative startups at MoneyConf this year! :star: