No one is actually ready for GDPR


I surely can’t be the only one thinking - “If one more GDPR related email enters my inbox I may just have to smash my laptop into a million pieces”? But even worse, I’m now sat reading an article that claims no one is even ready for the regulatory changes tomorrow - even the regulators. Reassuring eh?

I mean it’s a little bit disturbing to hear companies admit to things like these - ‘Are you kidding? If we told them how we were using their data, they’d never give it to us in the first place,’ but then again I swing on the side of the fence that at the end of the day, we spend 90% of our lives online handing over our emails, phone numbers - you name it, we’ll give it - to goodness knows who, from goodness knows where, so we’ve maybe just got ourselves to blame.

Question I’ve got - Is GDPR really necessary, or are we just piling regulation on top of regulation with little impact?


There was certainly a need to better control and regulate customer’s data, absolutely no doubt about that. Hard to comment on the specifics of the legislation until we have seen the impact on customers and businesses for that matter over the next year or so. I certainly don’t see the US following suit anytime soon