No more stock photos please


One of the most common pieces of feedback we get from our community is stay away from stock photos when creating content. We’ve all seen that picture of someone about to jump off a cliff in to the sea to indicate risk or the classic iRobot picture when a lazy copywriter is talking about AI…

So, it has always been front of mind for us to steer clear of any stock photography, you guys deserve better!

Our superb design partners, Vitamin, have been helping us with the artistic direction of the site. We want to help you guys navigate around the site and know where you are via the use of engaging and interesting designs. Pleased to share a few of these with you all below…

Let me know which style you prefer?


For me, the order they’re presented here is definitely my preference with the top two being my favourite!


I like the 3rd row the best!


2nd row stands out as my favourite. I like the simplicity of the grey background. I also think the ‘blobs’ are the most like the ones shown in this post: Pia’s personality as movement 💃


Thank you Megan, helps to get this feedback whilst we are designing elements out


Me too. Looks good. Fits the best with theme of pia