More honest with a machine or a human?


I stumbled across this article which I wanted to share, it’s from 2016 and increasingly relevant as we interaction with machines becomes more commonplace.

There is a great deal of research to support the contention that we are more honest with machines.

The effect on higher rates of “honest responding… are especially strong when the information is illegal, unethical, or culturally stigmatised,”

Personal finance and investment is somewhat culturally stigmatised, people are prone to being economical with the truth, to having a different perception to the situation than the reality suggests and to burying their head in the sand when uncomfortable decisions have to be made.

I wonder what the views of the community are on this…do you think you would be more likely to offer full disclosure of your financial situation to a machine over a person?


I agree that we are more ‘honest’ when speaking to machine. It seems to completely remove any fear or embarrassment. Same goes for filling in a survey - I am far more critical than I would be if I was speaking to another person. I think that removing the human element can speed up processes.