Monzo turning off debit card top ups


Am I the only one that finds this really annoying? Since being out of the UK for a couple of months I’ve used my Monzo as my day-to-day card (even whilst having an Aussie bank account). Why? Because it’s much cheaper to transfer from my UK bank account to my Monzo and pay that way, than to transfer a lump sum to my Aus bank account (even using Transferwise). Here goes my full time switch to Starling.

Whilst I realise I’m perhaps starting to sound like a broken record, I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one not using Monzo as my primary current account? Ps… does anyone have any better tips for getting access to (and essentially transferring) UK bank account funds abroad for zero fees (using a debit card not via bank transfer) - I’m wanting a quick fix?


I’ve always been used to transferring money from my Lloyds account, so I can’t say I can relate!