Moneybox close £14m Series B


Spare change investment app Moneybox has now raised a total of £21.3m :moneybag::money_mouth_face:


I’ve been using MoneyBox for a few weeks via Monzo and really impressed. Easy way to invest ‘without noticing’


“Despite similar so-called round up features coming out in recent months from fintech favourites like Monzo, Starling Bank and Revolut, Stanway remains undaunted.”

Surely the ‘roundup’ features will serve the same purpose as Moneybox? :joy: Really good investment round, but not sure what the distant future really holds for them.


Yes I don’t really understand this comment -

“Moneybox customers are investing their money, and with those, the money that’s being saved is going into zero-interest accounts,” he said in an interview last week.

As Monzo’s enabling users to earn interest on their savings within the next 2months & I’m sure the other challengers won’t be far behind. (Starling already pays interest on deposits but the rate is low).

I’m still not sure why this is a business not a feature to be honest. But those usage numbers are impressive, it’s obviously a popular concept & I expect it’s attracting quite a few first time investors :muscle:

Users can also make extra deposits into their Moneybox ISA, with more than 80 per cent of Moneybox users setting up weekly deposits and 15 per cent utilising its pay-day boost feature.


Wow what an impressive raise :muscle:

I agree with this. I’m hearing more and more people my age talking about moneybox … so they must be doing something right :slight_smile: