Music to the team’s ears, I guess. :grin:
Any special plan (SEO or else) to reach out to this demographics?




Great article - thanks for sharing @hervelequer Another one validating what we’re trying to do :grin:


Hi there, I took my time but wanted to follow up on my initial question “Any special plan (SEO or else) to reach out to this demographics?”. To a large extent, it seems to me that Pia is being developed with millenials in mind. As content and style are coming together really nicely, I am confident that novice / aspiring investors will like the experience once they check the site. But my question is how to get them here in droves, in the first place? How to generate a significant traffic of people who should but don’t invest, who should be interested but aren’t. I mean, the pension gap will impact me but it does not influence my saving / investing decisions. It know the day of reckoning is approaching but I avoid giving it too much thoughts, the horizon seems too long and there is little I can do to significantly change the perspective. The same goes for most people, I guess. Apart from buying a house or flat, very few people spend a lot of time thinking about financial planning. Without unlimited marketing budget, how to spark the interest for an issue / a need that people generally prefer to ignore? What kind of tactics / mediums to create buzz around Pia?


Hi @hervelequer

This is an excellent question! Thank you for raising it.

As you have pointed out, one of the audiences that we would like to connect with are millennials. They have the time to be able to act to make a huge difference to their financial wellness for later in life. I know we all find it hard to get our heads around that sometimes and that is certainly a challenge we are thinking long and hard about here at Pia HQ.

I won’t go in to all of the details of our strategy for this audience group on here but happy for us to have a chat to talk this through in more detail?

The core pillars of the strategy however are to deliver engaging and interactive content about investing, making it real and relatable to their circumstances and demonstrating how easy it is to begin to invest. The channels we have available are quite varied and include the traditional approaches (including content, social and video), as well as some more interesting and exciting partnerships that we are building to connect with this group of people.

Cheers and looking forward to chatting to you soon



Thanks James, smart partnerships could definitively help there.


Interesting read about the future of investors. It’s estimated there will be big surge of female investors, and a steady decrease of wealth managers.


Great article - I definitely fall within in this category! :woman:t2::moneybag::robot::1st_place_medal: