Menu navigations and Transitions


OK, so maybe not the sexiest of topics but the team have been looking at UI and navigation during the past sprint. We have been laser focussed around making sure that you will all be able to navigate seamlessly through the site and in particular the pages of content within Encyclopia.

Here are the designs that we are now building out. Please do share any feedback or thoughts and let me know other menu navigations that you like?

First up is the level navigation. Encyclopia will be broken in to 6 levels and users can quickly navigate via this top level view. Users can watch a short video explaining what is covered in each level :point_down:

Once the user selects a level the page transitions like this :point_down:


And then finally this reveals the modules within that level just like this :point_down:

All in all, we want to make it as enjoyable for the user to navigate around the site and really feel they are going on a journey. We have also hidden a few navigation easter eggs in the site that will come in handy for mobile users. A good example is the pull down navigation whenever you are within the Encyclopia sections, like this (donโ€™t pay too much attention to the content of the pages, they are just placeholders) :point_down:


Looks great James. On mobile, are you able to swipe through the modules?


So exciting - canโ€™t wait to get stuck in! :star_struck: How many levels are there going to be?


Hi @jb1, yes all of the pages and the associated navigation elements have been built to let you easily swipe through on mobile devices. We have actually built all of the pages as mobile first and scaled them out for desktop as we know how much we all like to browse on the move. See some examples below


Pleased that you are excited @MeganG! We will have 6 levels in total. Initially for the beta test later this month we will have built the first two levels for you to explore and feedback on


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