Loving EMMA


I really like the idea of Emma. Financial wellbeing is a trend I’m happy to go along with… :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys think of it?


Totally agree with you on this one @AislingB - having had a dabble on the majority of the apps out there (Yolt, Money Dashboard, YNAB, Wave, Plum) - Emma is the only one I’m really getting behind. Perhaps its the integration with Starling & Monzo that’s doing it for me… but just seems to be that one step ahead of the rest!


Hey @Lily and @AislingB,

thanks for mentioning us. :slight_smile:

I am the co-founder of Emma, if you have any feedback & advice, happy to listen and iterate on it.

We have got a few more integrations and features planned… :wink:


Hey @edoardomoreni thanks for getting in touch. No problem at all - we really like what you guys are doing. Yes it would be great to chat. I’ll send you a DM with my details now and we can arrange something :slight_smile:



My email is super easy to guess, first name and domain name.