Is the UK really lacking in Fintech Talent?


One minute I read an article that we’re abundant with talent… the next the headlines are in meltdown, buttering up the UK as a country in shortage on any credible applicants. What are your thoughts?


There has been a lot of coverage on this topic recently thanks to the great report by the Innovate Finance team last week. There is a huge risk around developers that we have to resolve. It is criminal that coding is not in the national curriculum, we will be left behind if the government doesn’t realise this is no longer just a niche skill set but an essential element of almost all future jobs. Take your role @Lily, I often look over and you are deep in CSS changes to make something look great to communicate with people.

Add Brexit to this lack of standardised training and the risk is very real depending on where we end up on things…

Any other thoughts out there?


Crazy to think we’re living in a ‘digital world’… and yet it’s the ‘digital’ part where we’re getting left behind talent wise. Perhaps we’re relying on Generation Z to carry us through @James.


I think it’s too late for Z as they are already well in to school… What comes after Z?


A trusty google search tells me it’s Gen Alpha… here’s to hoping they restore the UK Fintech talent. (That’s riding on the fact they make it through Brexit with the rest of us)


Jem and Rocco have got this :muscle:


I have no doubt #AlphaBabies :nerd_face:


So right, this story keeps resurfacing in different guises.

Something I think needs to be done is a breakdown of what FinTech talent means and where there is a shortfall. Are we talking about the where the IP, the leadership and innovation originates from or are we talking about where code is cut and the heavy lifting is done. Clearly it’s not binary.