Ideas for content in our education centre?


Hi all

Niamh and the editorial team are building out the content that we plan to include in the education centre. However, we would love to get your ideas about what you want to see in the education centre?

List out any ideas by replying to this topic… Doesn’t matter how obvious you think it is, please just share to help us build out content you all want


Hi @James

Would absolutely love see some tips for the workplace pension. I think its super important now since most of us will have one now. Personally, I’m finding it hard to get my head around deciding the best option for me.



Thanks @anne, great suggestion and we plan to have quite a bit around workplace pensions. As you mentioned, it is something we all really need to be aware of and can have a huge impact on the value of our investments at the point of retirement. Reminds me of some recent research on this topic, worth a read if you have time over lunch:


Hey @James, I’m sure you guys have realised how difficult it is to compare investment products when so many of them seem to be of a similar offering. I wonder if you’d be able to provide some info on key things to look out for? I keep trying to decide on a robo advisor, and end up giving up because they all seem the same to me! (I’m sure I’m probably missing something important)


Welcome back @layla, good to hear from you again. There will absolutely be this information in the education centre. This is also one of the areas that the Pia assistant can help by drawing attention to the user some of the key features of certain ways of investing.

We will also share with you all shortly how we plan to break down the investment product on Pia.