How can we help you better understand your investments?


Hey all,

As we’re building EncycloPia to help you all better understand investing - it would be great to understand what areas confuse you the most.

For example is it the…

  • The unnecessary Jargon :nauseated_face:
  • The millions of acronyms :no_mouth:
  • How investing differs from saving
  • Interest Rates

Please let us know how we can help you overcome these issues! :grin:


This sounds amazing - can’t wait to get clued-up on it all.

I get the most confused about what the best for me would be. Tempted to open a help to buy/lifetime isa, but anxious that if I do not buy a house (more and more likely), I will not be able to access my money before I am 60…

Therefore looking into Robos, but then unsure if I would get the government bonus. Not too sure on lots of words used in the investment world, so the Encyclopia will hopefully help clear some of this up.


Hi @MeganG

I can relate! It’s difficult to navigate especially as there are some many different types of products available. It all depends on your situation.

Definitely! Encyclopia will explain the different types of investments available. We’ll highlight their characteristics so people will start to get a better idea of what type suits their needs. Yes, all that jargon will be explained as and when it’s used. We’re also going to include some cool multimedia to help bring everything to life.
The aim is to make it an engaging as possible - so you guys can benefit from it.



Just had a look at the video in this thread: Encyclopia coming together nicely - Really cannot wait for this to come to life as I am waiting to use Pia before making an investment