Have you heard of N26...well you will soon


German challenger bank N26, if you haven’t already heard of them, have attracted 1 million customers across the EU!! Friends at home, in Ireland, rave about this challenger bank so I’m really excited to hear that we might have the chance to get a piece of the action in the next few weeks.

Will they be able to stay above water in the UK? This will really test how loyal challenger bank users are…

Love their card designs too!! <3


I wonder if they are going to offer some kind of incentive to switch, or if they’re only targeting for first time challenger bank users? :thinking:


I really think Monzo might be quaking in their boots with this one @AislingB … I’d take a metal card over a fluoro card any day :heart_eyes: But more seriously, I think they’ve managed to capture the Millennials (i.e. keeping up with Monzo) but also steal the hearts of the sophisticated (i.e. Starling) - for me these guys are building the bridge between the two, interesting to see how they’ll fair in this ever growing space.


They have! It will be interesting to see if the UK responds the same as the rest of the EU. Agreed - the metal card is so slick. I think revolut have a similar one actually and you can maybe even name it @Lily.


Pressure is on… name submission complete! Wish me luck @AislingB