Has Monzo bitten off more than they can chew?


Having launched their marketplace about a month ago, Monzo sent an email to beta users today saying this was no longer going to be available to users. As a big Monzo fan… I’m thinking they may have gone a bit too far with this marketplace option. Maybe I speak for myself here, but I’d rather see them stick to the basics, and simply make improvements to the UX/UI.


I think the issue is that investment product is hard to keep simple. Personally, I believe investors need context and information about an investment provider before they can make a decision (unsurprising that I take this view given what we are building with Pia). This creates a huge challenge for the marketplace plays from banking / PSD2 providers. People need to know what they are investing in and be sure it is right for them before they commit


Very interesting! My views on Monzo have changed over the last few months - I’m less and less enamored by them. It seems like other digital banks are making more ground, as we saw Starling launch their maketplace and Revolut add travel insurance (which I love) in the last few months. Why do you think they’ve fallen behind? Unlike you @Lily I want to see them bring as much to the table as possible. I’m an everything in one place kinda gal :P…

At least it’s exciting to see them grow! :grinning:


I’m not sure they’ve fallen behind, just perhaps appealing to a different audience than the Revolut/Starling crowd! I’m a fan of all 3 if I’m honest. Currently abroad, and been using Starling religiously for the first time and it’s great. I just think Monzo has set itself out to appeal to an audience that care more about the app functionality & appearance rather than complex features! By all means - I hold my hands up to debate on this one :raised_hands: