Greedy Banks Strike Again!


Although it was a minimal increase (from 0.50% to 0.75%), it was still a glimpse of hope for savers. However, that hope was quickly diminished, as some traditional banks showed their true colors by passing the increase on to mortgage customers only! What a joke!

This is just another reason for people to lose trust in traditional banks and move their custom elsewhere.


Personally unaffected as a renter. It has given me a bit of optimism in regards to my saving’s account.


hmmmm I tend to disagree! These banks are ONLY increasing rates on mortatges. They’re not increasing savings account rates, which leaves us in the same situation as before. Even though the rate of infaltion remains at 2.4%, an increase in interest would give us some sort of hope.

One bank… cough cough HSBC…even denied that its savings rates are linked to the base rate… are they for real!!