Freetrade App Launches


Some exciting news from Freetrade this morning as looks like their app has been approved. It is going to be really interesting to see the product in action and compare it against the likes of Robinhood. I am a big fan of their branding and their commitment to getting customers involved via their crowdfunding rounds. The real test is coming up though to see how the product performs… Exciting times for them and congrats to their team on this milestone :raised_hands:

You can get on the early access list with this link:


Has anyone got access to the beta yet? I’m No.265 in the queue so hoping I’ll get the long-awaited email from Viktor @ Freetrade shortly. But keen to hear from anyone who’s already managed to bag a sneak peek :eyes:


Freetrade absolutely smashing their current crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. Fair play to them. Capital is at risk…


Pretty gutted to still be waiting on my ‘email with private link for all those signed up for early access’ promised to me last week… looks like I might have missed the boat on this!

Here’s to hoping this is a one-off and the other ‘34,104’ members of their community have made the cut.


We launched the app today :tada:

There was lots of awesome feedback from users & a bit of an issue with one of our suppliers but overall, it went pretty smoothly :smile:


Looks awesome @alexs Excited to try it myself! :star_struck:


Congratulations @alexs!

Pleased it went well and good luck with the rest of the rollout


Amazing Alex! Can’t wait to get the link!:grin: