Finding your investment personality


Through a series of intuitive questions asked by Pia, alongside the answers you give, an investment personality tailored specifically to you will be created.

These designs, and the personality traits featured, are at a very early stage. Hence, we’re coming to you, as our highly trusted community, to get your feedback on this. Let us know your thoughts, do these traits seem like the right ones to reflect your investment profile? What’s missing? Do you want more/less information? (remember to click on the photo to see the full image!)

Share your thoughts, we’re all ears :speaking_head:


Worth jumping in on here and saying that all of this stuff would be optional if you felt like you wanted to go to the next level by sharing this information with Pia. The site will be open for all to browse and use without creating a profile and personality but the more you share the more the site can be tailored to your circumstances