Finance on a napkin


Albeit a little Americanised, it’s a brilliant concept for getting to the point without being too wordy. Something Encyclopia seems to be heading down the route of :raised_hands:


Can’t wait :slight_smile: Fun little sketches too!


It’s all about getting financial knowledge and education to investors of all sorts. All good stuff! Very excited to show the Encyclopia off! :open_book::moneybag:


Agreed, it’s quite nice, certainly a good source of inspiration. A few thoughts on the Encyclopia…
In my view, the purpose should be limited to supporting personal investment decision via very focused financial education. Meaning that addressing some financial topics not directly relatable to a potential investment decision (like Napkin Finance) would bring little value to and may even confuse your users. Better execute perfectly on what brought your visitors in than trying to cover all money related topics.
Also, I believe you should draw a very clear distinction between saving and investing. Not always so clear to me but there are already so many saving comparison websites that your distinctive focus on investing should be obvious to all. For instance, you could display “inspirational” investment quotes on your front page, like 1 new every day. Some thought provoking statements that could summarize the mission of PIA in a few words. For instance, “Not money, Not skills, but Time is the biggest lever for massive wealth creation ― Manoj Arora, The Autobiography Of A Stock" or "“It amazes me how people are often more willing to act based on little or no data than to use data that is a challenge to assemble. ― Robert J. Shiller or ““Games are won by players who focus on the playing field –- not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.― Warren Buffett”. You could probably find some better quotes but you get the idea.
Finally, when it comes to producing simple / nice multimedia content, I think you should try to insert basic calculator / simulator so that the user can easily translate in numbers what the concepts presented would mean in his case (e.g. compounded interest, tax cuts, …).


I agree to the above statement - although I believe to do this, one must have a broader financial understanding. Therefore, having good extensive explanations of basic topics is very important to have in the Encyclopia. This is what we will cover in the lower levels. I have to disagree to the statement below. A reason that users may have landed at the Encyclopia, is because they are getting confused in the first place, and lacking basic financial and investing knowledge.


Love this idea - We’ve already got a few great quotes in mind! :deciduous_tree: :wink:

Its always great to include multimedia content, and this is going to be key to helping understanding, and also keeping users engaged with content!