FCA warns retail fund over financial transparency & switching


As said by FCA’s executive director, “We have outlined a package of measures today to address the issues we have found, but we also want to see the industry step up, making it easier for consumers to transfer from one platform to another.” :thinking:


This is such an important factor for why we believe that investors need a product like Pia. We have all become comfortable switching energy providers, bank accounts and savings accounts. However, investors are still so entrenched when it comes to their investments.

The industry, as it stands, doesn’t help investors to switch at all (unsurprisingly given their recurring fees). However, investors can and do greatly benefit from looking around at other options. Many of you will be paying more fees for the same fund than others and that needs to change with the introduction of far greater transparency. You wouldn’t stand for it in any other industry, don’t let the investment sector pull the wool over your eyes :sheep: :eyes: