Favourite Fintech onboarding and design ideas?


Hey guys,

We are always on the look out for how we can incorporate some superb on-boarding design elements from fantastic companies out there.

What are everyone’s favourites and why?




First, I’d say avoid pop-up in any shape and form, usually pretty annoying. Then, the load time should be fast. It goes without saying but I have often experienced slow response time on Offer.com after playing with filters. The page first displayed a message that no content was found, then the searched content showed up a few seconds later. Finally, the home page should ideally be updated with content on a regular basis, so I would suggest a news section or an investor bulletin that would naturally lead to your partners offering. For example, some independant research note on why the Swiss Franc will continue to go down in foreseeable future could bring some traffic to your forex trading partners. Thanks and regards, Hervé


Hi @hervelequer, thank you for the feedback.

I am looking forward to sharing some of the designs with you soon as I think you will be happy with where they are going based on the feedback above. Be great to have you come in to the office soon as well so we can explore this with you in more detail?




Ah yes, it would be nice to visit you again! I will keep that in mind. :slight_smile:
Also, when it comes to sign up or login, please integrate with google / linkedin / facebook and make sure that your forms are compatible with passwords / logins managers like Roboform.


You may want to check this robo advisor chatbot… Pretty basic I guess but still pleasant experience.


Perhaps a few too many bouncing icons - but educational content is interesting and presented in a simple and concise manner