Favourite Fintech and Business podcasts


We are pretty big fans of podcasts here at Pia HQ and unsurprisingly we get through quite a few business focussed options. What are people’s favourites? Here is a rundown of my top 3:

  1. Masters of Scale - Some heavyweights from Silicon Valley talking about how they scaled their startups. Hosted by Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn and Paypal, some of his guests have included Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Schmidt and Chesky which says a lot about the calibre of the show.
  2. Fintech Insider - A bit closer to home the 11:FS team produce the excellent show looking at all things in the world of Fintech. They cover the latest news, conference roundups through to much more focussed shows looking at specific topics and brands in the Fintech space. They produce an amazing amount of excellent content.
  3. How I built This - An oldie but a goody. The excellent Guy Raz has spoken to so many different founders about how they have built some of the biggest businesses out there. I particularly love the Sam Adams story but then again I like most things beer related :beer:

What am I missing out on? There is space to bring in another one or two in to my rotation…




James, here’s another one for the list - Success! How I Did It from the guys over at Business Insider. It’s a conversational style show with some of the most inspiring out there right now… i.e. the Sheryl Sandbergs & LeBron James’ of the world :raised_hands:


I love Angel by Jason Calacanis. I also enjoyed his book (also called Angel) though his style could grate on some.

He has another longstanding podcast called This Week in StartUps which is also worth a listen.

Both are a bit Silicon Valley focussed but pretty entertaining and he gets good guests.


I’ve actually just started listening to This Week in StartUps - so good! If this is you’re scene & you’ve not already listened to Entrepreneur Stories it’s definitely worth a listen.


Brilliant, thanks for the tips @jamesbgibson82! I will get on to those now




Hi @JamesGibson, I just wanted to follow up on the above recommendations as I got round to listening to Angel.

I really enjoyed the shows I listened to from the first series. It certainly provides a different angle from the entrepreneurs story. I love that about it, it really helps provide a better balance from all the founder’s stories about how much they are always “killing it”

Thanks again for sharing, it is now firmly in my rotation for my commute :bullettrain_front: :headphones:


Made me think of this…



We’re all always crushing it right?! :joy:


For all the bears out there, Peter Schiff’s podcast is worth a listen. May go off track sometimes but refreshing compared to mainstream media.


Thanks @hervelequer - will give this one a listen!


Ah, a bit on the apocalyptic side, tends to get carried away and a clear goldbug. But solid arguments and independant / critical thinking. I find it both entertaining and inspiring.