Could 'Social Investing' ignite a movement?


Having stumbled upon CommonStock, I’m pretty impressed with the way their going about things. Allowing you to incorporate your friends in your investing journey, see where they’re putting their money etc. Whilst I’m not convinced it would spur me to part with too much, I definitely think they social (& perhaps my competitive) side would encourage me to get started… thoughts? Is there anything similar in the UK yet that I’ve missed out on?


Nice, thanks for sharing @Lily, looks really interesting. I guess quite similar to e-Toro but you follow your friend’s and their investments. Not sure the chat feature is really needed given the wide array of chat options most people have nowadays


Just checked it out now! Seems really crypto focused so not sure if it’s something I would personally use, although I like how it further ‘gamifies’ the system! I guess when you make a investment on a equity crowdfunding platform you’re able to see people’s profiles, previous investments & amounts. Not sure if people would want their whole investment portfolios to be public though.


Really interesting on paper, lots of potential IMHO… On a voluntary basis, letting others see how much you invested and earned / lost where could trigger some cool discussions, with the possibility to directly ping experienced investors in a special asset class / partner for questions / feedback…


I guess I was the only one here not knowing eToro :upside_down_face:. I had no idea such a platform would be so huge already. Anyway, I signed up and am potentially interested to actually use it. It feels a bit like herd behaviour though, mostly bulls trading the same stocks, winning at same time, probably towards the end of the longest bull market of history, artificially fueled by central banks (ZIRP/QE), stock buy-backs and FANG. In the end, do investors really need x thousands more investment strategies to choose from when most actors (from giant funds to private traders) are more or less making the same bets with various level of risk exposure? Giant casino IMHO, we all know how this ends. What I would be much more interested in is an easy way to find about investors that develop a clear / consistent strategy that I believe in and can copy easily, without having to search for appropriate investment instruments. It could be mega trends (e.g. electric vehicules, society aging, AI, renewable energy…) or macro (interest rates going up, trade wars, emerging markets, pop of the stock bubble, …). But at least a narrative that I can relate to. Not just buying FB, Netflix or Twitter because it was so profitable in the past (and yes, I know about last week :wink:). Makes sense? :thinking:


Defo agree with what you’re saying. Having access to investor’s previous strategies would be great, and really beneficial to a less experienced investor such as myself. It would be really interesting to be able to flick through portfolios and see their reasoning and performance for myself, as opposed to just looking at stock market graphs!


Nice summary @hervelequer and I’m with you