Comparison Pages Being Built


The first version of the Beta test has been focussed on Encyclopia and how we intend to help to share knowledge about investing via this section of the site.

However, testing at Pia HQ over the past month has revealed that you are all very interested to see how we plan to let you compare investment providers. This is the primary focus of our design and development activities right now and I wanted to share some progress with you.

Educate Investors
The first design that I have included, shows you how we intend to educate investors as we show them the different ways they can invest and the different providers. We see finding an investment provider as a journey and we have tried to design the pages in this manner. The example you can see below shows you an overview of the menu page for a customer looking to find a provider.

Looking at that in more detail, you can see that we have tried to highlight the pros and cons of investing in a certain way, as well as providing example investor personas so a customer can judge which way of investing is a good fit for them (don’t worry about the actual content on the cards, this information has been included as example text only).

We have again included plenty of video content and Pia will be able to respond to any clarifications the customer has, particularly around terms or jargon they don’t understand.

Data Driven Comparison

Moving on to the actual comparison of providers, we have focussed heavily on providing customers with as much data as possible to make a decision. The information will vary depending on the way to invest but it will include customer service factors (like how you can access your account and speed of registration) as well as financial data points (like fees). Customers will be able to sort, filter and compare based on all of these data points as the below helps to show.

Provider Cards

The data that we have for each investment provider will primarily be from a 3rd party data source to help ensure we remain unbiased and transparent. Each provider card will be different depending on the way to invest but an example of one of the cards is included below. The actual data on this card has been made up for design purposes only. Customers can view the core information about the company or click on more information to turn the card over and read more about the provider. Customers can also add each provider to a direct comparison pop up where they can look at the data for three providers side by side to help them make their decision.

That is all for now, beta testers should have early versions of these tables to test by the end of the month… Watch this space


Looking great @James - what will be the limit on how many platforms you can add to ‘direct comparison’ ?


Hi @Lily

You can compare three of them at a time :+1:


Looks good. What 3rd party source?


Hey @hervelequer we’re really excited about it. You should be able to use it in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately this proprietary information. I will DM about this one.