Compare performance of investment opportunities


Hello there. One critical information that I think Pia should be able to capture and integrate in the comparison of investment products, especially in alternative finance, is the real historical performance. I mean, who cares what the target return is if it is totally decorrelated from the real return? In my opinion, this is the real differentiating factor between good and bad platforms that tend to promise the same performance. And this is where Pia can really bring a greater value to wannabe investors. In France, the major crowdlending platforms have agreed to harmonize the calculation of non performing loans, statistic that they are required by law to give access to from their home page. This public data that can be easily screenscrapped and integrated into the platform’s profile. If a lender promises a 10% interest rate, Pia visitors must know that it is plagued by average 10% default or that default is still low but on the rise. Would the same be possible in the UK, either based on data provided by partners or third party providers? Thanks and regards, Hervé


Hi Herve,

Thank you for your great comments. These are excellent suggestions and in line with our plans also. We will be using standardised data for our platforms to allow for ease of comparison. This data is compiled, reviewed and standardised to ensure we have a consistent set for the platforms that we will work with for Pia.

Some of the performance data can sometimes be harder to source, particularly in the alternative finance sector. However, this is improving and we will look at ways that we can provide this in some form.

@AislingB, please can you capture this on to the features backlog for the comparison pages :+1: