Babylon claims it diagnose more accurately than a human GP can


With a 95% user approval rating, Babylon (the company behind the ‘GP at Hand’ app) allows patients to have a video consultation within two hours. With 26,000 NHS patients and growing rapidly, it shows the immense power and good that chatbots can bring to the NHS. :hospital:


Headlines in the Guardian & the Telegraph this morning, saying that seeing the same GP each time will make you live longer. Perhaps this some kind of backlash against Babylon, trying to scare people from using it.


Interesting article! :thinking: I can see that having a personal link & relationship with your doctor is a positive, but surely having a chatbot to discuss initial symptoms and potentially diagnose will save so much time and NHS money. Not to mention less hassle for the patient in regards to getting an appointment, going into the surgery etc! :stopwatch:


Well worth watching Babylon on BBC Click here:

Some compelling statistics and work being done in Africa by the company.

My view has changed since I watched this, 20 mins well spent.


Watched this last night :raised_hands: Very interesting - thanks Lex